Militza Loving, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, CYT

  • Licensed Clinical Counselor
  • Certified Master Teacher of Yoga (Sivananda and Kriya Yoga, Restorative Yoga)
  • Certified Cardiac Yoga Therapist (Dr. Dean Ornish Method)
  • Board Certified Art Therapist
  • Drawing, Painting, Shamanic Art and General Art History Instructor
  • Performance Artist
  • Conference/Retreat Facilitator
  • Lecturer
  • Educational Tour Facilitator
    (Above: both presented and created programs nationally and internationally.)

Militza assists individuals to maintain or regain optimum physical and mental health in order to live with peace, vitality and Love. She has been teaching Yoga for over 35 years; has trained, been certified both in India and U.S.; has created Yoga/Mindfulness programs all over the world. Additionally, she works as a board certified art psychotherapist, and licensed clinical counselor.

Militza Loving - Art Work

She is a recognized internationally as artist and facilitator of Mandala, Chakra and Meditation seminars, and Frida Khalo performances. Her preferred personal method of meditation is Vipassana—the ancient Bhuddist insight technique. She works in various settings—private and on contract, public venues, clinics, hospitals, schools, retreats in the U.S. and abroad. She is completing her book Resistance: How I Won the War within by Loving.

Currently, Militza teaches evidenced based meditation/mindfulness and Yoga at: Microsoft, SNAP, Scottsdale Shadows, Magellan, Discover India Series at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Biblioteca Publica, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. She also maintains a private practice of Art Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching and Counseling and exhibits her art work.