Frida Kahlo: Disability as Ability

Frida Kahlo Performance

Frida Kahlo Performance

A dramatic PowerPoint presentation with images of Frida’s life and art projected onto a site–specific altart explaining how she used visualization, artistic materials , dramatic self presentation to sublimate her horrific, life–long pain into a wonder of creativity, productivity and success . She always affirmed “I want to be of use to my people and my country.” And she is!!!

Sacred Pilgrimage: Incredible India

This 1-hour PowerPoint presentation commentary is a culmination of years of searching to end my suffering, and most recently a six-month spiritual quest throughout India. Pilgrimages are a source of self-reliance and responsibility, a reconnection with Nature, the Dhamma of Nature, and ones own True Nature. They have been and are a vital part of the spiritual path in India, Serbia, Mexico, and U.S. especially for the Native American Peoples, and many other countries. They are an offering to the Great Spirit of our intense devotion. My search, or process of self-inquiry, or vision quest, or test of courage, or passion to merge with the divinity is shared through luscious and unusual photo-images of people, gurus/swamis/Yogis/hermit, ashrams, landscapes, jungle, cityscapes, Yoga schools, meditation centers, temples, ritual and sacred arts. From Kerla’s (South) lovely beach Temple Sita where Shaktipat was bestowed on me from a unknown Devi, to Varanasi (oldest religious city located on the River Ganges) to Bodhgaya (north) where the Buddha attained enlightenment; then to Khajuraho (central) that is the site of the most exquisite erotic temple complex, home of the Kama-Sutra, to the amazingly bustling city of Mumbai (east), and finally to the monastic retreat of S.N. Goenka’s Vipassana International Academy where the deep, silent meditative practice provided a protected space to assimilate some of this quest’s revelations.

The presenter will describe how she experienced a paradigm shift in her consciousness – that is the perception of self and experience which brought her into alignment and congruence with the True Self. Throughout this presentation the Bhagavad Gita is quoted and the Gayatri Mantra is softly played (depending on the site).